Client:Smartbake Execution:Brand IdentityPackagingWebsiteSoMe Strategy & content Project date:2021

Sjeff Pizza

Sjeff Pizza was created together with Relevant agency out of the amazing company, SmartBake, which for many years have delivered high quality bakery and pastry to the Danish retail and direct consumer target group.

We can all agree that pizza is absolutely delicious.

No need to start an argument about that. However, the availability of high or even decent quality pizza on the retail market is slim or non-existent. Most pizzas (yes, we know pizze is plural for pizza Italian) are found in the freezer, and if there’s one thing Gordon Ramsey has taught us, it’s that frozen food goes in the bin.

Our client thought the same, and believed that Danish consumers deserved better and set to perfecting a do-it-yourself fresh pizza product for the market.

The challenge

When you dedicate your life to a passion, you tend to end up being exceptionally good at it, and maybe not so good at many other things. The first part we can definitely attest to: Our client makes top notch pizza - even our in-house Italian agrees.

From love of quality to the power of retail

When our client came to us, they had a high quality product in mind and some conceptual ideas, all of which they wanted to bring to the Danish retail market.

With next to no experience in creating and marketing a brand, our client needed a full service experience from brand identity and all the way to product launch. A large mouthful indeed – one that we were sure would taste great none the less.

Successfully launching an entirely new brand and product on the market is a difficult nut to crack. From the get-go we were completely honest with our client: It would require a large commitment and marketing efforts on multiple channels. They approved, and we set to work.

We started outwith the core:

Brand identity & design. The result was a contemporary yet deliberately unusual design that consumers were not used to seeing in retail, capturing the eye and conveying our client’s wish for consumers to experiment with pizza.

Packaging designand airflow

On top of this, we designed a package that would increase product shelf-time by increasing cold air flow to the product.

SoMe Retail support

Creating a compelling design was, however, not enough. To support product launch, we designed and planned a media strategy focusing on SoMe.

SoMe contentcreation

SoMe Strategy and execution

The result was a nation-wide media plan targeting consumers by demographic and geographic scope during campaign periods in local supermarkets. Choosing SoMe as the primary media channel kept focus on the key target audience and reduced media spend to a minimum.