Our niché lies in the intertwineof develop shopper marketingand building immersivebrand experiences

A perfect sales pitch relies on a good story, hard facts, a proper presentation and of course, knowing your audience. Being retail experts, we know our audience by heart. And actually, many of them by name too.

While the moment of truth between brand and consumer has a lot of focus, the one betweensales people and retail stores is often overlooked.

Using our retail expertise, we createstandout presentations for your sales force to boost sales and build relations with retailstores.

KAM presentations

The sales pitch is the first and most important step to secure spacing and sales of your brand’s products in retail stores, and can make or break your coming year’s earnings, making a standout KAM presentation is essential for product performance.

Field salespresentations

Are you marketing your products to retail stores as well as you do to your consumers? With a professionally made sales catalogue for your field sales representatives, you maximize sales and build long lasting relations with your retail buyers.

Sales meetingpresentations

Kick off your sales meetings with a well-designed presentation and get your sales representatives on board and on point with your sales strategies.


PoS solutions are the backbone of any effective shopper marketing initiative. Based on a Stop-Shop-Select approach, we create solutions that guide consumers through the jungle of products and messages all the way to the moment of truth, where they make their choice at the shelf.

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