Client:SPAR/ Min købmand Execution:Project managementVisual Design Project date:2022

Regionsmøde — Fremgang sammen

Making sure everyone in your organization is on board with a new strategy is always a big challenge – especially when the audience consists of more than 200 independent retail store owners across the country. Our client wanted to facilitate an event across two days, and needed our help to design the agenda, provide an inspirational venue and take care of all the practicalities. And of course, make sure that everyone was well-fed and happy in the process.

Smag på fremtiden

Putting 200 people in seats and expecting them to pay close attention for two hours of strategic presentations with all the complicated phrases and words may border on being naïve. And I think we can all relate.

In the initial dialogue with our client, this was exactly their concern. So their wish was for us to help them make their presentations engaging, to make the setting inviting, and to create experiences that both made the meeting inspiring and created a sense of cohesion and comradery among the participants.  

Inspirational venue

Being a large house full of creative minds, creating an inspiring venue was the easiest problem to solve. We turned our own rec room into a conference room complete with a stage, big screen, sound & light and two hosts placed in cosy seats to a backdrop specially designed for the occasion.

Ensuring we had the participants’ attention, we created an interactive presentation combining text with animations, sound and video. On top of that, we had two hosts present each in turn, and in between segments spoke to each other and to the audience to create dialogue rather than a series of monologues.


For the experiential dimension, we invited a handful of SPAR’s suppliers and set up a food court outside, both for the retail owners to meet their suppliers in person and get to know them better, and of course to also satisfy their well deserved need for food and drink.

To top off the project, we created SoMe content for SPAR to use on their channels, which gained a lot of traction and garnered a lot of attention both inside and outside the organization.