Ipren Instore Campaign

Working with advertising in the medical industry comes with its own unique challenges. Being no strangers to the challenges, Johnson & Johnson approached us with a clear goal: Design a in-store campaign for Danish pharmacies about Ipren’s upcoming package design changes.




Apart from a few strong brands, over-the-counter medicine products usually don’t have a strong top-of-mind presence in our minds. They tend to have a generic design, often sporting milk-white colours and long Latin words that most of us really don’t understand and even fewer of us can pronounce.

With a new package design on the way, Ipren wanted to make sure that they didn’t lose the strong top-of-mind position in pain relief medicine they’ve gained over the years. So they simply asked us to make sure that consumers knew which packages to look for when buying Ipren in the future. Straight forward work – love it!



When you visit the pharmacy, you most likely have a specific goal in mind: My nose is runny – I need a nose spray. We believed it was safe to say that consumers enter the pharmacy with blinders on, looking to get what they need, and nothing else. With this in mind, we decided that exposing consumers to the new Ipren packaging, regardless of why they entered the shop, was necessary.

The solution was a selection of strategically picked communication materials, reaching and informing consumers through the entire shopper journey: All the way from entering the shop, selecting products and paying at the counter.