Cocio Sales Tour

Cocio is indulgence in a bottle with a strong Danish brand heritage dating back to 1951.

July is when most Danes are on summer holiday, enjoying the Danish summer and seeking extra indulgence, fun and of course the famous ”hygge”. So how do we ensure that the Cocio brand stands out in the mass of summer activities in retail?



We Danes like to seek experiences during our summer holidays, and our consumption patterns clearly underline this. Hence, Cocio wanted to increase visibility in retail, create trials and offer memorable brand experiences and dialogue with shoppers in order to build Top of Mind. Furthermore, Cocio wanted a new concept able to create even more sales than last year’s summer activation.

One big hurdle had to be overcome: Retailers have bigger and bigger sales targets to fulfil, yet they have fewer and fewer resources to achieve them. Even though they wish to provide consumer experience in their outlets, the resources to do so are diminishing. A challenge indeed!

Luckily, Cocio decided to step in. Our challenge was to solve how Cocio could support retailers with a nation-wide sales promotion campaign that brought both value sales and traffic to the store, turnover and profit for Cocio, as well as giving consumers a great brand experience. We believed we had the solution (spoiler alert: we were right!).



From the very beginning we wanted to exploit the benefits of being a full-service agency and teamed up internally with our colleagues in Brand Activators, who are specialists in executing marketing events. We emptied their brains for pros and cons from last year’s Cocio summer activation, and with this valuable information we developed the concept and graphic design for this year’s campaign.

The tasting roadshow included a giant Cocio truck that toured Danish summer supermarkets’ parking lots offering 12-packs, merchandise and more with great discounts. This secured interest, customer flow and turnover for both the retailer and Cocio.

Lastly, we secured attention and traffic to the event through a plug-and-play PR- and SoMe-kit for the stores to put up on their SoMe channels and informing the local community about the upcoming event.



We already spoiled that we had the right solution for the campaign, and we think it’s safe to say that it was a great success. Collecting the data below made it feel like the sun was shining even brighter that summer:

Total impression count: 47.230 consumers*
2.361 consumers per activity on average visited the event
+66% sales lift compared to last year’s summer acitivity